7 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Money in Your Photography Business

Mistake#1 – Not getting proper training – When you make the decision to go “pro” in your own photography business you are going to encounter situations where you’ll need to have the skills to execute the job you’re hired for. Remember your client isn’t paying you to learn, they’re paying you for results.

Mistake#2 – Not projecting a professional image – You need to present yourself as a professional if you plan to be taken seriously that means having a functioning website, proper stationary, a separate business phone line and a polished personal image.

Mistake#3 – Having too many images in your portfolio – Your portfolio represents the type of work you’re applying for. Don’t confuse clients by showing everything you’ve ever shot. Only show images the kind of work you desire.

Mistake#4 – Lack of focus – Prospects don’t care that you feel you can shoot ‘everything’, they only care that you do a great job for them. If you lack focus your prospects will also become confused. It’s not their job to help you figure what you’re best at.

Mistake#5 – Not having a sales goal – The only way you make money is by making consistent contact with prospects. For example, if you want to close 10 sales this month how many prospects do you need to close ten sales? You may realize that for every 5 contacts you close 1 sale. So if that’s the case you need to make 50 contacts to close 10 clients. What are going to do to make 50 contacts a month to reach your goal?

Mistake#6 – Failure to network – Next to prospecting new clients, making contacts with referral partners is the number one way to fill your pipeline with those prospects. What ever your specialty there are key people who have access to your prospects. How often do you network with other businesses that can refer new business to you?

Mistake#7 – Not designing packages and programs – You should have at least two, preferably three pre-designed packages that bundle your services so when you have the closing meeting with a prospect you can provide pre-packaged offers. Offering packages of your services protects you from allowing a prospect to dictate your prices, assures that you’re paid what your worth and provides excellent value to your customer.