3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make In Digital Photography

Photography for beginners can mean lots of very easy mistakes that ruin lots of could be great shots. This article will cover the three biggest mistakes people make in digital photography.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is simply trying to photography too much. There could be a shot with a train on the left, a balloon on the right, a clown in the middle, air force one in the middle, and a couple smiling at the camera and it would just be too hectic. Complex photos are not fun to look at and usually make a viewer too confused and look away.

The solution to this is simply to isolate on one or two subjects only. Take a picture of the train, then a shot of the balloon, then the clown, etc. It’s alright if you use some more film, your photos will look better and more pleasing to look at.

Another big mistake photographers that are starting out make is very simple…relying on the middle of the subject too much. Our eyes are naturally made so that when we look at something we make it the center of our vision. So, it would make sense that most people take pictures with the subject at the center of the photo. This, however, is just boring and uninteresting. We see it everywhere. If photography was photographing things the way they are then there’d be a lot of ugly photos. Composing photos so the subject is more interesting as an art form.

The solution to this problem is simply to place the subject off center and to the left or right. This will make your photos much more interesting and easier to look at.

The last big mistake beginners make is ending up with camera malfunctions. Blurry shots, under or over exposed, etc. The result of this problem is a lack of knowledge how to use the camera properly. The solution to this is to get to know your camera. Know what shutter speed is and the aperture is. Start using your manual mode more often and manually focus the shot instead.